Sharing your secure post office with clients

To get the most out of your secure post office (for more on what it is, read our earlier post found here), you’ll want to make it as simple as possible for clients to access it.  Here are some ideas of ways you can share your secure post office link with your customers so that they know where to go when they need to send you sensitive data.

Method #1 -> Add the link on your corporate website

The first way is to put a link to your post office out on your company’s webpage.  Your customers are already are used to going there, so why not place the link there for them to use?  It is important to put this link in a spot where it’s immediately visible so that it is easy to find and use.  Some good places to put this are:

  • Your website’s homepage
  • Your contact us page

Have questions or need idea about how to add the link to your website?  Contact our support team at and we’ll be glad to help!

Method #2 -> Place the link to your email signature

The second way to make your secure post office more visible is to place the link into your email signature.  That way it is readily available in all of your email communication with your client.

One good way of phrasing it in your email signature is to put “Need to send me a file?”, then have that link out to your secure post office.

Wondering how to set up a signature in Outlook?  Check back soon for a detailed post that explains how!


What’s your FileGuardian Secure Post Office?

Most people know that FileGuardian is the choice to send files securely, but did you know FileGuardian can also help you securely receive files from clients?

When most people think about FileGuardian, we tend to focus on the ability for you to securely send files.  What we often forget is that we should be looking at security from a 360 degree prospective.

This is where your FileGuardian secure post office comes into play.  It’s a website we (Shugo) host for you where clients can go to securely send you files.  Don’t worry, just like sending files in FileGuardian is simple and easy, so is your secure post office.  We know if it wasn’t, your clients won’t use it!

Typically the address to your secure post office website address is  Take note, there is no www in that address.

So how is the [YourCompanyName] portion of your secure post office set?  To start, when you create your FileGuardian account, your company name is defaulted in your secure post office address.  BUT, administrators of your FileGuardian account can change this in the My Account \ Security area of the FileGuardian.  For example: I may sign up as Acme Corp, Inc but would rather have my secure office address as instead of

At Shugo our secure post office address is  Check it out – it’s simple and easy to use and obviously branded (in our case as Shugo — in your case with your company’s logo, name, etc…).  From your secure post office page, your customers simply need to:

  1. Enter their name and email address
  2. Choose the file they want to send to you
  3. Click submit.

We take care of the rest and make sure that your customer’s sensitive information is delivered to you securely.  Once your client clicks submit, FileGuardian will email you a notification.  This way you know the moment the files are uploaded securely into FileGuardian, now awaiting your download.

What to see how customers have been promoting their own FileGuardian secure post office to their clients?  Check out our post here.

New “FROM” Email Address

Besides the concentration on security, the lifeblood of FileGuardian can be summed up to ’email’.  Without email communication, FileGuardian would hardly be of any use.  As such, we’re constantly searching for ways to improve email deliverability.  In today’s world of spam, this is no easy task.

Starting Tuesday 10/18 at 12:00 AM EST, FileGuardian will change how emails will look to your clients, vendors and partners when securely sending files.  Instead of the “From” email address being “Your Name []”, the “From” address will now be “Your Name – via FileGuardian []”.

So why the change?  Well to start let’s give you a little background on email security and how email providers attempt to avoid spam.  When an email is received by your email provider (yahoo, google, etc…), a validation process occurs to verify the integrity of the message.  One part of this process is comparing the “From” email address from the originating IP address of the message.

So when you would send a file through FileGuardian, some email providers would see your email address in the “From” address with FileGuardian’s IP address and flag some messages as spam.  Why? Well think about it — typically you are sending emails from your computer inside of your work network.  The IP of your work network is different than FileGuardian’s IP.  Hence, some email providers marked FileGuardian email messages as spam or even outright refused to accept the message.

Through investigation and discussions with a number of clients the past month (we actually reached out and talked with 15-20 clients personally), we felt this was the best course of action to combat the sensitivity of email providers.  These providers are right to do what they are doing and we found a way that still kept your name/branding in the “From” email address but was more compliant with spam validations.

If you joined us for FileGuardian 11.4.1 office hours on Friday 10/14 at 11:30 am, you saw this change first hand.  If you want to view a recording of office hours, click here.  Below is a quick screenshot of how the email will look to your client.

So let’s just recap:

  • Emails from FileGuardian when you’re sending secure files will now have “Your Name – via FileGuardian []” as the from email address.
  • The change will take place on Tuesday 10/18 at 12:00 AM EST.
  • This change will not cause any downtime with FileGuardian.

We’ll continue to monitor email deliverabillity in the future.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.