New Mobile Download Site

In the last week, we decided to take a step back to review our mobile download site.  Why?

  1. We wanted to upgrade the look and feel. Even though we just released it a few months ago, it felt a bit dated to us.
  2. Through analytics, we see more and more recipients retrieving files from cell phones.
  3. We wanted to add new features like the “forgot access code/password” process.
  4. We wanted to build a platform to add additional features to in the future.

After a quick round of research, we’ve integrated the JQuery Mobile platform (JQM).  This platform is used by a number of companies around the world and boasts compatibility with a large number of mobile devices, plus it’s just really cool and slick.  It’s completely built on the new HTML5 standards and provides a consistent user experience, just like a native iPhone or Adroid application.

We wanted to share some early screenshots of the new FileGuardian mobile download process.  Please let us know if you have any feedback — it’s how we improve.

Enter your access code/passsword

Forgot your access code/passsword

New access code is on it’s way

Message Detail — Files to Download

So there you have it, a quick glimpse at the upgrades coming to FileGuardian’s mobile file download site.  Expect to see it released early June, 2012.


Say Hello to PDF Reports

Up until now, payroll, quarterly and year-end reports generated through the PayChoice software platform were only available ViewChoice format. ViewChoice was revolutionary during it’s time providing secure access to a group of payroll reports inside of a custom viewer.

Over the past year, we’ve received feedback many service bureaus using FileGuardian.  This feedback stemmed from payroll customers showing a strong preference for payroll reports to be available in standard PDF format.  With FGX+ all reports generated through the PayChoice platform are now available in PDF format, the de-facto report format since the late 1990’s.

So what does a client need to install to view their PDF reports through FileGuardian?
All that’s needed is the free version of Adobe Reader (available for download at  Clients will no longer need to worry about downloading and installing the ViewChoice software (plus additional patch) as they do today.

What do the PDF reports look like?
Before we describe it, view it for yourself at

The most “loved” feature is the report by report custom bookmarks.  This enables the client to jump from report to report inside of the PDF file much like they could inside of ViewChoice.

In addition, the PDF file is fully searchable.  You can use the standard Adobe “Search/Find” feature (hit CTRL+F) to locate any piece of text within the file.  In the demo file above, try and search for the name Smith.  You’ll see it’s found numerous times within the file itself.

Can reports from prior payrolls be available in PDF format?
Absolutely! Any report that can be generated out of PayChoice into a ViewChoice file can be automatically converted to PDF format through FileGuardian.  This includes reports from prior payrolls, quarters, etc…

What’s the process like for clients receiving reports this way?
The process of receiving payroll reports in PDF format is simple. The moment reports are available for download, clients will receive an email with a secure file download link.  Clicking on this link will bring them to a service bureaus’ secure file delivery website where reports can be downloaded.  It’s an extremely simple and secure 2 step process.

How long will reports be available for clients to download?
Well that depends — each one of our service bureau clients can configure how long reports will be available within FileGuardian for download.  We’ve seen some bureaus provide availability for 60 days while others chose 6 months.  Again it’s a bureau by bureau level setting.

Can PDF reports be viewed on smartphones and tablets?
YES! In fact we’ve optimized the download process when a client is access reports from any smartphone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc..) or tablet (iPad, Kindle, etc…). Viewing reports on any mobile device is simple, easy and secure offering clients access to reports when on the go.

Is there anything new that these PDF reports can do vs. ViewChoice?
Well the one feature we included in the PDF reports which can’t be done with ViewChoice is Report Groups. With Report Groups, you can conduct “selective report delivery”. So imagine the following scenario:

  • Business owner wants to receive all the reports
  • Company account only cares about the Cash Analysis, Check Register & Tax Liability reports
  • HR Manager would like to receive just the Employee Profile report.

With FGX+ report groups, this is now available within the PDF report delivery system.

So that’s the long and short of it.  If you have any specific questions on the PDF reports, feel free to contact us.

FileGuardian 12.2.2 Features

By now you’ve probably heard that FileGuardian version 12.2.2 will be released on Sunday 5/20.  Here’s a quick rundown of the new features included:

  • Sent Items view added to the homepage — when you sign into FileGuardian, you’ll see the “Sent” items view now available.  In this view will be the last 15 messages sent by your company through FileGuardian.  You’ll have the ability to filter this list based off the method of sending: FileGuardian Web, Outlook or FGX
  • “Download All Files” button — when recipients are accessing messages you’ve sent, they’ll be able to download all the files tied to a message with a single click via the “Download All Files” button. For more information visit:
  • Email “spell-checker” — often times we’ve seen people mistype email addresses for standard email domains.  Some we’ve seen include: or  Well thanks to the team at KickSend, we’ve integrated their awesome JQuery Plug-In to auto-suggest/correct a mistyped email domain.  So if you add a new email address like “”, FileGuardian will auto-suggest you change this to “”.  For more info on KickSend, check out
  • FGX+ check stub rule promotion — in the past few weeks we’ve had clients who needed to “promote” an employee check stub rule to a standard contact.  Why?  Well because the recipient of the check stub also needs to receive payroll reports.  Now you can easily “promote” an employee check stub rule to a standard contact.

So what do you think? We hope these improvements will help! Let us know at

Welcome the “Download All Files” button – it’s a bit overdue we suppose

So we added something new today (it’ll go live in production on 5/20). Truth is we probably should’ve added it months/years back but I guess it was overlooked.

Thanks to our good friend Curt though, it came to the forefront last week and so we addressed it.  See Curt sometimes receives files from his clients through FileGuardian.  And typically he receives more than one file on each message.  It’s a bit tedious to have to download each file individually in FileGuardian and keep track of which ones you’ve download and which ones you didn’t (or so Curt says).

All kidding aside, it is a bit tedious and something we wanted to address.

So without further ado — welcome the new “Download All Files” button. With one click, you’ll download a zip file of all the files included in the message. Here’s a screenshot of the new button and where you can find it.

Download All Files Button

Pretty simple, eh? All files downloaded in a single zip file with just one click.

Download All Prompt

We hope this will make your life easier. We know it will for Curt!