No cell phone & an employee needs their access code reset

Recently a client posed this question to us: “What happens if an employee is receiving their check stub through FileGuardian and they forget their access code?”.

Our simple answer:  “Our forgot access code process enables any recipient of a file through FileGuardian to have a new access code generated and sent via text to their cell phone.”

Client’s response: “Well isn’t the cell phone optional within FileGuardian? So what if the employee never entered their cell phone or doesn’t have one?”

Our response: “Well they’ll just see a message then to contact you to have it reset for them.”

That got us thinking.  There has to be something more we can do to help than just display a “canned” message. 

After bouncing around a few ideas, we added a new feature to FileGuardian (going live on 8/26). If the employee’s company has a check stub administrator, we can email the check stub administrator that the employee needs their access code reset!  Here’s the sequence of what will happen when an employee doesn’t have a cell phone on file within FileGuardian and forgets their access code.

1. Employee clicks the link in their email that their check stub is available for download.

2. Employee realizes they don’t know their access code so they click on the “Forgot your access code/password” link.

3. FileGuardian knows the employee’s cell phone number is not on file. An option to notify their company’s check stub administrators is displayed.

4. If the employee clicks “Yes”, an email will be generated out to their company administrator notifying them that the employee needs their access code reset.

5. Instantly the admin(s) will receive the email which includes step by step directions on how to reset this employee’s access code. The employee is also cc’d on the email.


Check Stub Groups – User Guide

Check stub group (n.) – a mapping of multiple employee numbers to the same recipient. On check date the recipient will receive a single PDF containing all the check stubs for the mapped employee numbers.

Now that we’ve defined what it is, here are some tutorials and faq’s around check stub groups.


  1. Video Tutorial – Check Stub Rule Maintenance
    • How to setup a new check stub group
    • How to upgrade an existing check stub rule to a check stub group
  2. Video Tutorial – Check Stub Rule Download Experience (coming soon)
    • Download experience for a recipient receiving multiple stubs from a check stub group


  1. Can you remove just a single employee number from a check stub group?
    Yes — simply click on an existing check stub group and remove the employee number from the list. For example: A group is setup with employee numbers 0001;0002;0003;0004. You want to remove 0003. Simply click the group to place it in edit mode and remove ‘0003;’ from the list.
  2. Can a standard contact be setup as a recipient of a check stub group?
    Yes! The two video tutorials below walk through the scenarios on creating a check stub group for a standard FileGuardian contact.

  3. Can a check stub group be “downgraded” to a check stub rule?
    Yes! Simply remove all the unwanted employee numbers from the check stub group — it’s as simple as that.

  4. Can you use the import facility to import check stub groups?
    Currently we don’t support the import of check stub groups.
  5. Can clients setup and maintain check stub groups?
    Not yet — if you think this is something clients will need access to, let us know.