What’s a W2 e-stuffer?

e-stuffer (n.) – A PDF document that can be prepended to an employee W2. See an example here.  The selected PDF file can be a maximum of two pages and can be no larger than 500 KB.

Why use an e-stuffer?
Most businesses use e-stuffers to convey a specific message or share company news with employees. The example includes information on an upcoming change to the employee healthcare benefit plan and information on open enrollment. You can share news like this or just include a “thank you” letter from the company president. It’s completely up to you!

How to create an e-stuffer PDF document?
The easiest way we’ve seen to create an e-stuffer PDF document is to use Microsoft Word (or other application which allows you to save the file as a PDF).

Include whatever you’d like but make sure it doesn’t go over two pages and doesn’t exceed 500 KB. Once you’re finished, click on File \ Save As option and on the prompt that displays, change the “Save as type:” to PDF.

Once the e-stuffer PDF document has been created simply add it as your W2 e-stuffer. It’s as simple as that!