FGXv User Guide

So the obvious question: What is FGXv?
FGXv is our FGX extension for payroll companies using Evolution. We chose V instead of E because it just seemed stronger and when you say “Evolution”, the first thing that comes to my mind is the V.

FGXv now supports PUSH — text or email notifications of payroll cash requirement amounts to your clients.  Setting up a client is quite simple – one step you’ll do is to do inside of Evolution and the rest inside of FileGuardian.

Evolution Setup
Inside of Evolution, setup Shugo as a virtual mail room recipient for the client. Use the email address fgx@myshugo.com and send the Cover Letter (S193) report to this address.

Once you’ve done this for your first client, contact our support team with the email address Evolution will use to send the reports to our fgx@myshugo.com email address and the encryption password you’ve used.  We need these to identify these reports as coming from you and to decrypt the file for processing.

FileGuardian Setup
Inside of FileGuardian, you’ll need to activate the FGXv feature for this client. Here’s a quick video on creating the new client and activating the FGXv feature.

NOTE: If the client is already in FileGuardian, just go to their client detail page and click on the FGXv feature link.

Configuring their PUSH subscription
Once the FGXv feature has been activated, configuring a PUSH subscription will take all of 20 seconds. Follow the video tutorial below.

Now just run payroll! Once FGX receives the cover letter report at fgx@myshugo.com, PUSH will take over. Cash requirement notifications will be sent to the subscribers you’ve setup. It’s as simple as that.

Have any questions or need any help? Let us know at support@myshugo.com.


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