Successful employee pay stub download via FileGuardian

Did employee successfully download pay stub through FileGuardian?

When using Shugo’s check stub delivery feature, there may be times when you need to verify whether or not an employee has successfully logged into FileGuardian to view their check stub for a particular pay date.  The steps below explain the process to do that.

  1. Log into File Guardian
  2. Click on ‘My Files” at the top of the page


On the Client Files details page there is a search box in the top right hand corner of the page


  1. Type in the client name and search.  This will bring you to FGX tab

5.  There will be a list of all the pay periods in which payroll reports were delivered.  Choose the pay period you are looking for

Step 5

  1. At the end of the section “Report Group(s) Delivered” you will see a section that is labeled “Check Stub(s) Delivered”.  This will be a list of all employees that received a pay stub for that pay period.  If the employee did not download their pay stub, then their name will be highlighted in light blue.  If they did download it, then their name will not be highlighted.

Step 6