How do I resend an employee’s check stub?

To resend an employee’s check stub:

1.   Go to the My Files area

ChangeEmployeeEmailFGX+HUB - Step2.1

2.   Search for the company by name and open it.

ChangeEmployeeEmailFGX+HUB - Step2.2

3.   Click on the FGX+ tab

ChangeEmployeeEmailFGX+HUB - Step2.3

4.   Locate the entry for the check date and click to expand details.

ChangeEmployeeEmailFGX+HUB - Step2.4

5.   At the bottom of the detail list will be the employees that received stubs in that payroll period.  Click on the employee’s name

ChangeEmployeeEmailFGX+HUB - Step2.5

6.   A window will open with the email that was sent for that specific check stub date.  At the bottom hit the “Resend” button.  The email will be sent to the employee using the updated email address.

  ChangeEmployeeEmailFGX+HUB - Step2.6