FileGuardian 12.2.2 Features

By now you’ve probably heard that FileGuardian version 12.2.2 will be released on Sunday 5/20.  Here’s a quick rundown of the new features included:

  • Sent Items view added to the homepage — when you sign into FileGuardian, you’ll see the “Sent” items view now available.  In this view will be the last 15 messages sent by your company through FileGuardian.  You’ll have the ability to filter this list based off the method of sending: FileGuardian Web, Outlook or FGX
  • “Download All Files” button — when recipients are accessing messages you’ve sent, they’ll be able to download all the files tied to a message with a single click via the “Download All Files” button. For more information visit:
  • Email “spell-checker” — often times we’ve seen people mistype email addresses for standard email domains.  Some we’ve seen include: or  Well thanks to the team at KickSend, we’ve integrated their awesome JQuery Plug-In to auto-suggest/correct a mistyped email domain.  So if you add a new email address like “”, FileGuardian will auto-suggest you change this to “”.  For more info on KickSend, check out
  • FGX+ check stub rule promotion — in the past few weeks we’ve had clients who needed to “promote” an employee check stub rule to a standard contact.  Why?  Well because the recipient of the check stub also needs to receive payroll reports.  Now you can easily “promote” an employee check stub rule to a standard contact.

So what do you think? We hope these improvements will help! Let us know at